Monday, June 2, 2008

pix of my studio work area

now that i am a little more settled, my studio and work area and quiet room is a little more settled, too. you can see pix of a few of my favorite things: my macbook pro, my red lips chair, and most importantly, my needlepoint chair. the needlepoint piece was made by my grandmother, helen, who i never knew. she stitched it in the 1930's or 40's and, i think, i got my love of stitching from her. my mom took the needlepoint piece and scoured flea markets and antique shops for just the right chair to use for the needlepoint. she gave me the chair as a gift many years ago and it has been my sewing chair ever since. my grown children sat on that chair when the were small and learning how to use the sewing machine.

my studio is in a small loft area overlooking our living area. i like that i can be up in the loft working and no one bothering me, but still hear my husband piddling around in the rooms below. we live in a restored school building from the 1890's and have 14 foot ceilings, so the loft space is just right.