Thursday, April 12, 2007

here are the beginning diary pages. scroll down to see others i posted a week or two ago. eventually this will be a book.

i have a yellow beetle named 'lukyduk' (my vanity tags). she is my favorite car so far.


runnergurl said...

My first car was a '64 turquoise bug. I painted eyelashes on the headlights. I loved that car. My dad used to tell me (jokingly) that my VW was the German's "revenge for the war". I'm pretty sure he said this because he was usually the one who paid to have it worked on.
; )

I also had an ancient VW van at one point in my life. I loved how other VW vans would flash the "peace sign" when I passed by them.

Now I have a SPARKLE-Y BIG RIG... An SUV that makes me feel both safe on the road AND a little red-necky.

Sometimes I EmBrAcE My inner sUv-CoWgUrL-wAnNaBe-NeSs and play the country music station on my car radio...LOUD!

P.S. That last part is a secret... Shhhh! Don't tell! *grin*

Gail... who loves your blog and wants to start stitching secrets now....

Tonya R said...

Love these pages. love love love. Any idea of how they will go in a book? I can imagine doing the pillowslip method of putting on a backing or somehow putting them down on paper??? It would be cool to leave them as is so that the back of the page is as important as the front. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you express yourself mom:) Oh...and I see that Loly Corolly was mentioned...she's famous now too!!

takinanap said...

thanks, tonya...and all for comments on my embroidered diary. i really love doing it. it's very free, with no planning.

yes, tonya. love the idea of having the backs show. maybe in 10 years i'll think about that. it'll probably be that long before i get this thing together. but i will post pix of the backs, soon.

the influence for this, came from a piece at the american visionary art anonymous piece in the permanent collection called the 'last will and testament.' the artist embroidered run-on sentences, known as a 'word salade.'