Wednesday, April 4, 2007

big hiney's story

a simple day in the life of big hiney and irritable: waiting for friends at the ferry, a visit to hamilton marine for sailing stuff... oh wait! hiney has to save irritable from the evil chain saw. ok, now it's time for lunch. and after all that some lovin'. what a great day. too bad i couldn't get all the photos in the right order.

here is big hiney's story: he is made of a real sock that this blogger lovingly wore for a few years - a comfy sock made by pine tree knits and purchased at the maryland sheep and wool festival. eventually, the heel wore out. and so in making big hiney, the hole in the heel had to be covered, which in a sock monkey is the butt. this got me to thinking...while hiney's hat says LOVE, which he really is full of, he is also a big hiney behind his back - a big hiney who wears his heart on his sleeve that coincidentally has his favorite girl's initials.

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Anonymous said...

you're making me cry. god, how i miss you