Sunday, June 10, 2007


MOLESKINES...oh how i love to glue on, spill paint on, sniff, take photos of, carry around, scribble in my moleskine. i probably wouldn't love them so much if they weren't so ubiquitous, but they are and i do. at first i was intimidated by the blank page of a sketchbook, but then i discovered that if i start somewhere in the middle and just cover a page in crayon or glue on colorful paper, then i have made a start. do u have a favorite kind of moleskine or other sketchbook?

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Keith said...

Hi. :-) Thanks for dropping by on my site. I've never tried Moleskin. I don't even know what it is... but I saw them mentioned on Penny's site. May need to check into that.

I notice that you mentioned that learning to draw has made a big difference in your life. The same holds for me.