Sunday, July 22, 2007

my new best friend

as a part of an opus assignment, i am exploring the figure in stitch. the work of tadek beutlich inspired me to make this. there will be many more dolls like this coming. it will be great fun to embellish her and make clothes and hair for her... she is made of pipe cleaners (chenille stems) woven together with acrylic yard and dmc floss. her legs and arms and head are wrapped and i used a tight blanket stitch at the end to secure the threads/yarn.

you can see images of tadek's "cheering crowds" made of grass and wool in the january 2003 issue of embroidery magazine.

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Runner Gurl said...

Oooo! Love her! She is almost ready to take off down the trail for her morning run in the bottom pic. I think running shorts and a running bra should be her first outfit as she may cause quite a commotion running nekkid.
; )
Gail (aka runner gurl)