Wednesday, August 15, 2007

bad buddy in brooklyn

bad buddy's adventure began with traveling on the airline of homer simpson. the benefits of this kind of travel are that you have time to meet lots of nice people and you get to spend more hours in the terminal and on the runway, than you spend in the air. for those who don't like to fly, this airline allows you to spend lots of time on the ground. and bad buddy scored a free button with homer's image on it!

so bad buddy got a personal tour on a tandem bicycle with a very cute guide from bike the big apple. she then went to the socrates sculpture park in long island city queens/astoria and saw takashi horasaki's 'social dress new orleans' a re-creation of destroyed homes from katrina. she also enjoyed james johnson's sculpture 'freedom of movement' and flux factory's 'albatross'. she made a few new friends along the way, went to moma's p.s.1 and then back to waiting on the tarmac before returning home. a great trip indeed!

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