Friday, August 10, 2007

a quilted diary block

back in the day when i was making weekly diary blocks, i made this one for my son, who was working as a bike messenger in nyc. there had been a big power blackout in the northeastern usa that summer and this block was my tribute to his adventures during the blackout. it says 'mercury meets the ne (northeast) power grid.' this was one of my first experimentations with mixed media - stuff i had found on the ground. the background of the block is painted - my first time doing that, too. guess i was feeling adventurous. it's still hanging in his apartment, so i took these photos while i was visiting this week.

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max said...

Hey Maggie,

Glad you enjoyed I am Ahab so much! I made them move by moving them a tiny bit at a time and taking a pictyre then stringing them all together in a movie. A little but time consuming.... I really likew the look of the work you're doing her, will definitely stop by again. Take care, Max.