Monday, August 27, 2007

running stitch samplers

making samplers for an opus module entitiled 'embroidery methodologies.' my focus is on the versitility of the very simple running stitch in all its forms. this is so much fun! more to come.


Vivien said...

Many thanks for your comments, re: - perforated stamp edges.
I took a peek at your Opus coursework – very nice! I really like your drawings too.

We have the same taste in movies, as I have seen all your favorites. A recommendation from me: - ‘Perfume, The Story of a Murderer’.
Thanks for stopping by.

Sue in western WA said...

I had to laugh when I saw your first picture. Is that really some kind of tire inner tubing and other plastic? I'm afraid it would never occur to me to think that far outside of the box but I so admire those who do!

takinanap said...

ha! yes, sue, that is strips of bicycle inner tube, stitched onto a blue plastic bag.

jude said...

great, i love the running stitch, and you are helping me count the ways!