Saturday, January 26, 2008

tao te ching

here is another piece from a few years ago that had been in storage and now is out. i made lots of tiny quilting stitches on a piece of blue silk shirt that someone gave me. then i added things (detritus) from my walks thru the city. and then i stitched a quote i like from the tao te ching. you know i don't understand much of that tao te ching stuff, but it all sounds so good.


~ Witchypoos ~ said...


You asked how I manage to write three blogs.

My Book of shadows - this is my general life I try to update once a week. I use Sunday when my husband is watching sport.

Master Class - This is a diary of my Opus master class work which I only update when I do something.

Liss in Stitches is the local club so oly gets updated once a month.

Dixie said...

You create such interesting things and they're all so wonderful to look at.

Thanks for dropping by my blog - hope you'll come back to visit again.

Gina said...

Good to see you back Maggie. I like that stitched blue piece. Fabulous texture.
Gina x

jude said...

love the quilting on this one.