Tuesday, June 17, 2008


been doing lots of good stuff: stitching and painting and all. two weeks ago i went to parade school. what a great experience! we made all of these parade structures in four days and week culminated in a PARADE! great community event. i kind of learned how to stilt walk, altho most of the other students were faster learners. i made a big purple prom queen, and an apartment building. three people carried the queen and i was inside of the apt building, carrying it with tall pole.


Gina said...

What can I say - that looks like such amazing fun!

Cait Byrnes said...

yay parade school!

you know, something felt so wrong the morning after the parade, and i didn't wake up and work on the jellyfish.

Cait Byrnes said...

Oh wow, that would be awesome Maggie! A parade at school 33 would be totally excellent! We should seriously consider this for the fall, maybe i can get a few cap interns interested.