Wednesday, November 5, 2008

O yay! for democracy

i am going on a tangent from what i usually write about and opening a door about my personal side. i grew up in a city that was segregated and watched the city go up in flames during the '68 riots. last night, in that same city, i heard sounds of celebration on the streets. i watched my kids generation lose interest in the political process, after i had marched on washington when i was their age. today my kids, and other twenty-somethings told me how excited they were about having voted and having watched Obama's speech. last night BH called me from iraq and we listened to the speech together over the phone. TODAY is a new day in our country, and I think, in the world. O yay for democracy!

there is probably some good art inspiration in all of this, but i am up to my ears in opus homework...back to the drawing board and love to all.


Anna said...

thank you, maggie!

chrissythreads said...

Big congrats. to the USA from here in the UK. Lets hope its a new dawn for all of us.
Here in OPUS land things are a bit different aren't they? with Julia's passing we await to see how OPUS will go on but for now we have to continue- so back to the essays.

Gina said...

Well done America. Suddenly there is a wonderful positive feeling.
Good luck with your coursework... I'm back to my recycled materials this afternoon!

Bike the Big Apple said...

why not include a picture of your 'vote' shirt? thanks ma! everyone is all smiles here