Saturday, January 24, 2009

mrs. daisy sallow's crocheted diary

while spending lots of time in airports and on planes recently, i had plenty of time to stitch. i have added some entries to my
stitched diary.

i like remembering how white lipstick was so vital to my daily existence. and how, even when i was 14, i loved to spend my money on fabric (material, as we called it).

the taylor porkroll can be seen here. it used to be one of my favorite foods. now that i am a vegetarian, i still think about taylor porkroll from time to thinking of an old boyfriend.

this is what our german shephard puppy looked like. also funny that we named him 'snow!' he really did eat our couch.

why is this entry called 'mrs. daisy sallow's crocheted diary?' why not? do you know who daisy sallow is? many thanks to edward gorey for introducing me to mrs. sallow...a muse!


Gina said...

I love your stitched text!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

love these so much, marvelous. sorry to have missed you in Paris! Now I need to go check out Mrs Sallow.

greenstarstudio said...

your Snow looked like my Shiloh


Anonymous said...

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