Thursday, April 26, 2007

circles collage

circles is the theme of my final project for the visual studies module at opus. i read an article by keri smith in the recent issue of somerset studios. this inspired me to play with circles on paper. these "sketches" are about the size of a playing card. not sure what i will do with them, but i bet if my tutor has his way, it will involve some representational stitching. we'll see...


Runner Gurl said...

Repetitive stitching... Seriously... Does it GET any better than that, Maggie???

I tried to stitch words tonight. They look dumb. Really dumb. I want to borrow your hands for a bit of letter stitching. I tried to stitch them teeny tiny on a bitty shrine... but they are too hard to read. Any tips???

Love your work. Adore your blog.
: )

Anonymous said...

ooo, i love this one mom! i like the one you did with the map. by the way, you have a lot of nice comments on your're soo popular.

takinanap said...

thanks for the comments, gail. you are a true fan:)

when i think that my work looks dumb, it's usually because i am trying to get it to look like someone's work i admire. whatever you do is you and is good. and you know, from your life experience, that everything evolves with practice.

i stitch letters free form, but you can lightly write in the letters, first, and stitch over them. sometimes the base that you are stitching on makes a difference. or using a hoop helps, too.

p.s. you'd be surprised how many people think my work looks dumb. it's me and i like it.


Sonya said...

These are amazing - so many different textures. I love them.