Saturday, April 28, 2007

sock monkeys looking for irritable

what is going on? meanie and bad buddy and art girl can't find their seven deadly sins cousin, irritable! where did she go? they looked all over the house.

then they looked in the woods. meanie and bad buddy and art girl are scared. where could irritable be? the seven deadly sins family will be lost without her!

if you have seen irritable please let us know:(


Kirsten said...

irritable certainly hasn't been seen over here in Melbourne, Australia but i'll keep an eye out! great softies! thanks for your comments, i find kids are so much more free with creative expression whereas i would hold myself back in case it didn't look right. they are inspiring and see something interesting in the everyday - who would have thought of trampoline springs and a totem tennis pole?? hmm. thanks again.

catiepillars said...

i love these! your photos are hilarious :) do you have a flickr?

risa said...

hi! thank you for your comment. i love when new people come by to visit. i hope you'll be back! and i love your colorful art and craft. the crazy sock monkeys, the button paintings, the embroidered t-shirt...fanstastic!

takinanap said...

no flicker for me. what would i do with it?