Friday, May 4, 2007

happy sock monkey reunion

look! here she is. irritable has been found. she took the long, long trip across the ocean and to the desert to see her love. big hiney can hardly wait for her to jump out of the box and give him a hug!

they are jumping for joy!

after celebrating, they are settling in to watch their favorite tv show, the wire.


Anonymous said...

Mom, this traveling sock monkey stuff is sooo cute! I love following the story of all of these great friends. The pic of Irritable looking at Big Hiney over the computer is classic. I LOVE YOUR CREATIVITY!

takinanap said...

don't forget to give don credit, too. the photos from the desert, are his. i especially like the way he strung up the sock monkeys and used blue tape on the strings to make the monkeys look like they were jumping for joy:)


Anonymous said...

my biz-ad....I LOVE YOUR pix don!! you two are a great couple!

Ruby said...

The Wire is my favorite show, too, me and Irritable have so much in common, I love these pics, love, etc Ruby Re-Usable