Saturday, May 5, 2007

love quilt

this is a photo of a photo of a wedding quilt i made a few years ago for my good friend and acupuncturist. it was machine pieced and hand quilted. the light color rectangles around the edges are where the wedding guests wrote notes to the bride and groom.

i don't have many quilts to show on the blog, even tho i have been a quilter since the '70's. many of my things are in storage, including a hard drive with lots of quilt images. also, now that i am in school and living in a two-room apt, there is not much space for all of my fabric, batting, etc. and it has been good for me to shift my focus to embroidery and painting and drawing for a while. once-in-a while you will see something quilted here, i promise. can't get too far away from my roots.

LOVE today.


Tonya R said...

Marvelous. I love all the words on it, esp the ones from the guests. Very meaningful for the happy couple. Glad Irritable and Big Hiney are getting to spend some time together.

jude said...

great free style on this one, very "folk art".