Thursday, May 10, 2007

diary quilt

this is a diary block that is both funny and sentimental to me. about 10 years ago, i started making weekly small quilts - diary blocks - thanks to the influence of st. quilta . at that time, one of my kids was in a particularly upsetting and difficult emotional black hole for a long period of time. one morning, she was looking in the mirror, and asked out loud "do you think i am losing my tan?" it was such a relief to hear her say something lighthearted and teen-ish. i knew then her old self was starting to coming back.


Anonymous said...

Love u mama!

molly said...

Happy Mothers!

Tonya R said...

marvelous. I love your diary pieces. I went to Turtle Art Camp with Susan Shie back in 2001. I think her work is incredible too.