Monday, May 7, 2007

embroidered faces

a few years ago on the everyday matters yahoo group, there was a suggestion about making a one inch drawing everday. someone posted a grid of 30 one inch squares. so everyday, i drew a face of someone who came into the shop where i was working. some of the faces really charmed me. i scanned them, blew them up to 2" each and printed them on fabric. then i embroidered over the drawn lines. still have never figured out what to do with them. once they were matted at put into a show. but now i think i'd like to stitch them on a pocket or bag. any ideas?


jude said...

these are fabulous! i love especially the smallness and the cropping.

Runner Gurl said...

I'm sewing patches similar in size onto my jean jacket... they look really cool next to the denim! There is a picture on my blog.

These faces are awesome!


Runner Gurl said...

P.S. Here's the link to my jacket!
: )

Tonya R said...

It would look really cool to have a bunch of these stitched up together for a great piece of art for the wall. They're wonderful.

Amy said...

What a great idea, I love it! And thanks for visiting the Flickr Embroidery Blog:)

Fern said...

These are awesome! I think the would look great in a number of different applications. But if they were mine, I think I would have them matted and framed together (in one frame), but with a window cut into the mat for each face.