Monday, June 4, 2007


my metamorphosis project for the opus visual studies module is complete. this is different from any work i have ever done before. because it is a kinetic piece, i am not sure the photos do it justice, but here it is anyway. each circle spins on a fishing swivel and each half of each figure within the circle spins on a swivel. it's a pretty personal bit of work. but i will tell you that the female figures represent me and the circles represent the big black hole that some of us occasionally fall into.


Runner Gurl said...

It's so hard to just SEE it in pictures! I want to look close and touch... dang it.

Black hole? Yeah... been there (and back) a few times.

This is a great piece, Maggie. Among other things, I love how you use CoLoR.


Taz said...

That is really good, I bet it looks amazing in a breeze with those gorgeous colours.

Anonymous said...


Sarah Nopp said...

I like that piece. The movement... hmmm... I am doing the what is game... translucent materials, etchings or cut outs.