Saturday, June 2, 2007


my first TAGGING. this was from TAZ. ok...five things about me:
1. i have hand-quilted a quilt for each of my 9 brothers/sisters and about 10 nieces/nephews or grandkids.
2. i am 52 years old and just starting my college art degree.
3. i was a professional sign language interpreter for 25 years.
4. my kids each made their first quilts before they were 10 years old.
5. i have buttons on my car.


Tonya R said...

buttons on your car? oh please please pretty please a picture! I'd love to see that.

Taz said...

Absolutely I want to see your button car too.
And your list is anything but boring. You are a fascinating lady ;) And yay to you for going back to school.

Sue in western WA said...

Yes, you HAVE to show us pictures of the buttons on your car!

takinanap said...

will take some button photos as soon as it stops raining here. anyway, it's summer time and that's when i add a few more each year. so as soon as things dry out, the buttoned beetle will appear:)

Hashi said...

Hi Maggie, Thanks for visiting my blog. You and I have quite a lot in common. I love buttons. I make stupid sock creatures. I'm a sign language student. I really resonate with your art. As for your question about my bags, I just make 'em up :-) Hashi

Anonymous said...

Great job on your list mama:) I'm sooo proud of u.