Thursday, May 31, 2007

embroidered shirt

here is a hint of what i am working on for my final opus visual studies project. i am busy doing this now. so i will take a pix of the shirt i am wearing to keep you entertained for the next few days. here it is below. love to all!


Runner Gurl said...

ACK! I am TOTALLY in love with these stitched bits of your life!!! I want to live next door and talk thread-ish stuff every morning over coffee with you!!! (Uhhhh...this is bordering on internet stalking, I realize.... but I'm a really nice gurl! I promise! *giggle*)
; )


Tonya R said...

oh, I love it. What an incredible little face and I love the words... fabulous. I want to come have morning coffee with you and runner gurl...