Monday, May 28, 2007

ethiopian embroidery

i have been taking a class in ethiopian embroidery at the portland fiber gallery. the stitches we have been using are all chain stitch. i have never made my embroidery this beautiful or meticulous. look - even the backs are neat! i love learning someone else's technique as if i am a beginner.


Anonymous said...

Mom, these are BEEEUUUTIFUL! I LOOVE them!! Gosh, you're learning soo much. I can't wait to hear all about ur class. LUBU!

Taz said...

Wow that's some impressive work ;)
Just to let you know I've tagged you :o

Kathryn said...

Those are gorgeous!

Runner Gurl said...

Wow... Those are tidy BACKSIDES! I am WAY impressed!! I am never ever ever ever EVER going to blog my backsides... LOL!
; )

I love how your embroidery can go from whimsical to traditional without... well... MiSsInG a sTiTch!
: )


takinanap said...

thanks for the sweet comments. i had a great teacher who helped me to think in a different way. plus, i was working with materials i had never used before, which made my style different. love that open-mindedness, when i can do it.

taz - working on the tagging. it's my first tag. stay tuned.

floresita said...

This is gorgeous, Maggie! I love the colors you're using, and that chain stitch gives everything a beautiful texture!